Tales from the Deep Down

“I gots a go pee, Mama.”

Our adventure began last Friday, and after what seemed like hours, we finally found a camping spot. Unbeknownst to us, it would prove to be a difficult task. But after finally finding a spot that wasn’t on a hill, in the middle of a sea of stinging nettle, or, out of desperation, off the side of the road, we were finally camping.

“All right, Little Man, lets go find the potty.”


My children have all responded to the lack of flushable toilets differently. One daughter made me walk to every bathroom in the campsite, certain that ONE of them would flush. Another peed in the bush, because that was a less scary alternative. The boys, equipped with the best gear for camping potty, also often chose to use a bush.

This was Little Man’s first experience.

Thanks to a brother, or father – the verdict is still out on which one – he recently learned to pee standing up.

As we approached the potty, I lifted the lid waiting for the onslaught of questions.

Little Man peered down the dark hole and said, “Mama, where’s the flusher?”

“There isn’t one, buddy. It’s just a hole in the ground.”

He stood with his bum bared and carefully approached the toilet. He positioned himself, then happily peed into the hole.

“Mama, that’s DEEP DOWN!”

“Yeah, buddy, it is.”

Laughing he siad, “I just peed in the DEEP DOWN, Mama!”

Camping toilets will now and forever be termed the “DEEP DOWN” by my family. For the next two days, everyone peed or poo’d in the DEEP DOWN because every time someone said they were off to the bathroom, Little Man corrected them with, “It not a potty, it a DEEP DOWN.”

And so it is.

The trouble came when poop became unavoidable. After finally having some success, Little Man declared, “Mama, do I get a sticker for pooping in the DEEP DOWN?”

“Umm, no, buddy. I don’t have any stickers.” He hasn’t earned stickers for quite some time now.

He paused, then very seriously said, “I think you SHOULD get a sticker for pooping in the DEEP DOWN.”

I think he’s right.

Aside from all the potty talk, our trip was beautiful and a wonderful getaway. Mr. M even declared, “I thought camping was gonna suck without the cousins, but this was actually pretty fun.”


I appreciated his very candid vote of confidence.

We hiked until Little Man’s legs were all done.


We rediscovered nature.

We happily embraced the lack of internet connection.


We froze our hineys off at night.

We ate food, despite the fact that I may or may not have forgotten a couple of ingredients.

We burned things.

The big boys shot things with “baby bullets” and carved all the sticks in the forest.

It was truly lovely.

We were all a little sad to leave, to return to the busy that is life.


The laundry is almost done, the camping gear packed away.

Until next year, when we venture out again.


Check out my camping posts on my sister site HappppyMom.com. I have a podcast all about what to do if you have a child who is reluctant when it comes to outdoor activities and a post complete with Tips, Tricks and Printable packing lists for the next time you brave the outdoors with your kids!

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  1. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s – the photos are gorgeous! Fantastic memories for the kids it seems – especially Deep Down! I think you should all get stickers!

  2. Sua Basod says:

    I love it! The Deep Down should become an official name!

  3. This is my version of paradise!!
    My girls first had trouble with the DEEP DOWN (love that!) when they first camped too. But they are actually more afraid of the automatic flushing toilets at the comfort station! Imagine that. But I guess the timing of those “auto flushers” isn’t exactly perfect. ha
    Looks like a fabulous trip! One day I would like to camp the entire summer. I have a feeling my family would abandon me after 2 weeks, but then….. that might be fun too. 🙂
    Rorybore´s last blog post ..4 Fill In Fun: Moving Waters Edition

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