Dear Little Man,

Today is your 3rd birthday. It takes my breath away when I realize how quickly you have grown. Your quick entry into this world seems to be the pattern for the future and even though it is bittersweet, I have absolutely loved watching you grow into a boy.


I love how you love your siblings. The way you beg you brothers to play with you, or your sisters to go play outside. I giggle when you tackle Miss E even though she usually cries. Your tiny voice bursting through my home singing every single word to “Let it Go” while you wear your blanket like a princess shawl makes me want to squeeze your tiny body to me in a giant hug.

When you run, I love to watch how your whole body moves with such exuberance. Your chubby fingers clinched into a fist while you try to keep up with your legs, crying when your body gets ahead and you tumble to the ground. I absolutely love how a band-aid and a kiss can make it all better.


It won’t be so easy when you are bigger. That I have already discovered.

I will miss the day when you no longer grab me by the hand and drag me to “Play cars, Mama.” That will be a sad day for me.

And tucking you in at night is rarely a chore. You make me sing the “bed song” and “twinkle star” and if you are lucky “wheels on the bus” nearly every night. Then you kiss both my cheeks just like the little European you are, and you dismiss me with an “I love you Mama” so you can do whatever it is you do to fall asleep. I suspect there is singing and playing involved in your nightly quest.

I love how much joy you find in simply living. Whenever I have a bad day, all I have to do is spend some time in your little world and I feel whole again. The simplicity of finding a Dandelion, or a potato bug helps me realize how many things are so very unimportant.


On this your 3rd birthday, I wish you another year full of discovery and amazement. A year of looking to the sky every time you hear a helicopter. A year of bikes and hours spent in the sun. A year of sledding and games and learning and joy.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy. I love you with all my heart.


Your Mama

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  1. such a sweet birthday letter.
    3 is an amazing year. Happy birthday to the little man.
    Rorybore┬┤s last blog post ..WW: April Showers

  2. HOW is he three????? So precious!

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