Princesses and sunshine

“Hey Mom. Are you going to have a blogfest now?” Mr. M asks me upon our return home.

“What do you mean?” I ask, while attempting to washallthelaundry.

“Well, we were gone for a whole week. You probably have LOTS of things to blog about now!!”

The boy knows me too well.



Breakfast with the characters went something like this:

Little Man ~ Don’t touch me.

Miss E ~ Hiding in the corner and refusing to eat out of fear.

Miss K ~ Photo Op.

Mr. A ~ Do we have to?



We allowed our older kids to go off on their own with cell phone in hand to ride the big rides while we hung out with the three littles.



Then there was lunch with the princesses, which went like this.

Miss K ~ Do I HAVE to? I’m a big girl. Wait. Photo Op!

Miss E ~ Ok, I guess I’ll get my picture, because I really do LOVE the princesses.

Miss O ~ Sweet!

Little Man ~ Ooooh. So pretty. Yeah, you can’t pay me enough to get my picture taken, though.


And then there was the beach.


Wanna know how to get 7 children to get along? Just tell them to dig a hole, apparently.



And you can’t forget Sea World. That would be a shame.


I’m proud to say that it took us five days to lose a kid. She was quickly found and no harm was done. I am quite proud of only losing one kid the whole vacation. It’s the little things. Happy Monday! May you have less laundry to do today than I do!

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  1. Love it! Glad you got that kid back!

  2. heck – I’ve only got 3 and I think we’ve lost one a time or two! LOL

    I hide/bury things on the beach in the sand and then send the kids on a treasure hunt. it’s a bit of work in the beginning, but then you are guaranteed about 20 minutes of quiet. It’s called Beach Bingo and it’s brilliant!
    Looks like a great vacation!
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