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Good Monday Morning. We are still on Spring break and I happily slept in until the horde woke me up at 8 a.m. That doesn’t happen too often, that sleeping in thing. So I enjoyed it and lounged in bed until a few moments ago. I think perhaps that I have spring fever because I am now officially ready for summer break.

This morning I offer you some important tidbits to start your week.

1. Little Man took care of his little accident while we had company last night. In the sink. And it wasn’t a little accident. Also, I was unaware until my sister asked if I knew about the poop in the sink. Um, Nope! Good times.

2. Easter was a lovely day. We opted for a slightly more healthy Easter than in the past. My attempt to limit the sugar consisted of only giving the kids jelly beans and a chocolate bunny. I also provided a fruit platter for breakfast. There was slightly less bouncing off the walls than in years past and surprisingly, no one complained!


3. I have been a tad AWOL on the blog lately because I am working on a really cool project. I am super excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you. But it’s not done yet. I am hoping that the amount of work I am putting in will reflect when it’s time to share it! Wow. That was like vaguebooking. I’ll call it vagueblogging. At any rate, I am excited!

4. This afternoon, my eldest will experience one of the many rites of passage of teenagehood in the form of braces. He’s super excited. So excited, in fact, that since they put in spacers on Friday he has been walking around asking if his teeth will still hurt afterwards. I won’t lie and did my very best to make sure he knew that ibuprofin will be his new best friend.

5. We are having an ant infestation all over the house.. Anybody know what to do about that? It’s fun and exciting when the children start to scream about an ant, but I’m kind of all done with it, ya know?

6. I’ve decided that parents should get a vacation after vacation. I’m ready for mine now.

7. When I am king of the world, I will create a pollenless spring. I love the blooming things, it is just unfortunate that all the bloomage comes with pollen.

8. When there’s a duck on your car, you should take a picture.


9. If I expect to find jelly beans and Easter eggs all over my house for the next week, I’m quite sure I won’t be disappointed.

10. And it’s Monday. Maybe summer break isn’t such a good idea after all. I think all I want are the lazy mornings.

Have you already had spring break? What are you doing, or what did you do?

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  1. I love the duck on the car! About the ants, they follow the scent of the ants before them, start by killing the trail, then follow it to where they are coming in a spray it with ant killer. It will stop, till the next time.

  2. ha – most definitely take a picture if there is a duck on your car. They’ll never admit to it if pressed. 😉

    I did the same thing this year; jelly beans, a chocolate bunny and I added gumballs because for some reason they are Insane about gumballs. And scrambled eggs and a fruit platter for breakfast. I told DH no to the pancakes floating in maple syrup. that’s just more sugar.

    We already had our spring break in March – you know when there was still 6 feet of snow on the ground. And we did all the things. And yes, I’m still tired.
    Rorybore´s last blog post ..Tuesday Coffee Chat: Funny Bones…also Balloons

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