The year in review; April-June

We just survived the GREAT PLAGUE OF 2013. The irony that I was just reflecting on being sick in the beginning of 2013 is not lost on me.

Irony and I are no longer friends.

But I am determined to continue to reflect back on the year, even if it comes back to bite me in the…well, you know.


The month started off with a bang as I was determined to get my little pranksters and sent them to school even though there was no school.

It was, well, awesome, and also in response to this:

April fools

Then I got all sappy and thought all about how my baby is my last baby. Ever. So bittersweet. I think I need a tissue now. My little man is growing right up!

Fall photo shoot 149

But then, my sister and I got all kinds of silly and tried our hand at vlogging. Yes, I said vlogging. It was all kinds of crazy fun.

To end the crazy month of April, which was apparently all kinds of productive and reflective, I declared my proud status as a “Mean Mom.” I won’t apologize. Nope. I am Mean.

Mean mom2


Ah, the month of Mother’s Day. This year, after the index came out declaring what a Mother is worth to the penny, I declared that the worth of a Mom is Great. Maybe even greater than money.

Then, the boy and I had our own little discovery walk one evening when life was particularly difficult for my little man. I love getting some one on one with my little guy!


I rounded out the month with a quick trip to my hometown to celebrate the life of an old family friend. It was a very bittersweet experience, one that has stayed with me for the remainder of the year.



The month of June started out with moving. Nobody likes moving, but in the middle of the chaos of moving, I quit. Until I strapped on my big girl panties and quit quitting. Moving sucks.

The rest of June was very busy, what with trying to unpack and all, but we still managed a camping trip. After we returned, I shared some of my Top Tips for camping with children. It can be a lot of fun if you are prepared!

Camping 2013

And then, if the month wasn’t crazy enough, I ran the Wasatch Back, which is a Ragnar style relay. You know, like 200 miles, 12 people, no sleep. It was a blast! And yes, runners are crazy people!


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  1. Hah.. love that cartoon! My daughter told me today that I am the meanest mom… this is while I tried to brush her hair and get her dressed for school. SO MEAN! hah
    Great recap!!
    Janette @´s last blog post ..#RE2013 Review Extravaganza Q2

  2. Have loved going back and reading these posts. That April Fools’ joke is epic and oh so mean in a funny hilarious kind of way :)

    So awesome you completed that Ragnar! I have thought about doing some… but yea I have totally fallen off the running wagon. Loved it when I was on it though,I really should get back to running. Sorry you have been sick, so glad you are still recapping.
    Emmy´s last blog post ..Christmas Card Pictures

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