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There are some words that are like magic. They make your whole entire day, or light up your heart like a tiny flame. Sometimes it is a whole phrase that will do it. Everybody’s magic words are different, but today I give you my 10 magic words and phrases of Motherhood.

1. I love you, Mama.

2. Bedtime

3. Naptime

4. Yummy!

5. Chocolate

6. I need a hug, Mama.

7. Tuck me in!

8. Read to me.

9. Can I sit by you?

10. I made this for you.

My currency is definitely anything that gets me snuggles from my kids and although it makes me crazy that they fight over who sits by me in church every week, I love that they still want to. The oldest thinks I have cooties, but we are working on that. His father makes him hug me every night anyway.

What are your magic words?

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  1. Visiting from Listicles. This is such a sweet list. As the mom of much older kids…I can still relate to #1 :)

    • Thanks for stopping by! I think in a way, I love it even more when my teenagers say it, though it doesn’t happen as often!

  2. I love you, Mamma, gets me every time!
    Single Mom in the South´s last blog post ..Not Worried

    • My little man uses it to his advantage on a regular basis. Nothing will make me less mad than those four words!

  3. wow…lvoe the list…so beautiful and making me teary-eyed…sniffles.
    karen´s last blog post ..Trying Better and Favorite Words

  4. Grandma, in any version is total magic!

  5. My little man is too young to say #1 but I can’t wait. Also I love the word bedtime because that’s the time mama can take a much needed breather after chasing a 17 month old all day.
    Bianca @ Track Pants and a Tot´s last blog post ..10 favorite words

  6. Great list…definitely agree with the first three! It’s even better when all bedtimes/naptimes/quiet times align (we can dream can’t we?)
    Leslie´s last blog post ..{Monday Listicles} Favorite Words

  7. This is so sweet! What melts my heart is when my oldest says, usually with a big sigh, “I just love you, Mommy.” And when my middle child says “I wuv you soooo muthch!” And they both still want me to cuddle with them at bedtime. It’s so much preciousness, all the time.
    Rivki Silver´s last blog post ..Dealing with Disappointment

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