How to make a milk jug igloo

I love a good project and the first time I saw a Milk Jug Igloo, I knew I had to make one myself. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it! Here are my instructions on constructing one of your own!


1. Step 1: Collect the milk jugs! ~ I got super lucky and a lady my Mom knew had already constructed one, but was moving and wanted to give away all her hard drunk earned milk jugs. I was a little astounded at how many there were, but my little ones had a grand time before we began actual construction. The lady said it took her and her married daughter about a year to collect them. Our structure took 354 jugs.


Step 2: Form the base ~ It is entirely possible, as pointed out by the spousal unit, that I should have done some measuring beforehand. My finished product may have been more iglooey and less teepeeish had I done so. For really awesome instructions on measuring your base, check out the video here.


Step 3: Keep going! ~ You need high temperature hot glue to get this job done! It took me 88 glue sticks to get to the finished product!


Step 4: Create the door. ~ After the first couple of levels, the milk jugs should be offset, kind of stacked in between the levels previously created. When you create the door, you offset them so that they hang over a bit. If I did it again, I would probably go up another row before starting the door.


Step 5: Sacrifice your glue gun finger for the greater good. ~ Seriously, by this point, I thought I may have to donate my finger to science. So. Much. Gluing!


Step 6: The top! ~ Because we made ours so tall, I had to stand on a step ladder in the middle for the last couple of rows, and then we finished it by leaning carefully over the center from the outside. The shape isn’t quite what I had hoped for, but it was such a fun project that we decided we were ok with our teepee igloo!


Step 7: Enjoy your creation. ~ Seriously! You HAVE to sit inside!


This was seriously one of the best projects we have done in a long time! My 11 year old was my right-hand man and is planning a sleep-over inside our igloo in the near future!

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  1. OMG that is AMAZING!!!
    AlisonĀ“s last blog post ..Shenanigans (Or What Goes On When The Husband Is Away)

  2. First thing I did was climb in it. So fun, you are a cool mom!

  3. Yeah, so I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I want a milk jug igloo!!!!

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