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It is always fun to look back on a year and think, “Wow, that happened THIS year?” Time is a funny thing.


The year started off with 10 Things I had no intention of changing. I did pretty well with the exception of my little dancers who are trying to become Karate Kids.

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But then I had the plague and shared all the reasons Moms can NEVER, EVER be sick. The plague sucks. Truly.

I rounded out the month with truly brilliant unmotivational cleaning tips. I do what I can. It’s possible that cleaning is NOT my forte.



February is always so brutal and cold in my neck of the woods. I spend most of the month waiting for better weather. All that waiting inspires some fairly awesome discoveries, such as the fact that teenagers and toddlers have an awful lot in common. It’s a good thing they are both cute.

Fall 009

It is also the time of year that I make trips to McDonald’s out of sheer desperation to 1.)Leave my house and 2.)Allow small people to run free.

Remember that lady who wrote the letter to the Mom telling her to put the Iphone down? Well, I do. And I decided to cut her a little slack. Being a SAHM requires a lot of “watch me do this” 5 million times.


So it turns out that February may also be on the boring side of life around my house, but by March we spice things up a bit. I made a startling discovery that my children are very much like professional basketball players. You know, the fake bumping into one another. The over dramatic rolling around on the floor clutching a body part and screaming in pain. It’s really exciting. Or something.

And since March is enough time away from Christmas to have truly discovered which presents were worthwhile and which ones you wish you had never bought, I offered my 2 cents on the beloved Furby. Lets just say that when the batteries died, I conveniently forgot to buy new ones for about six months.

After that, we were all abducted by aliens. We had the bruises to prove it and we made ourselves some protection gear just in case.

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day 006

I also became all reflective about needing time alone and loving my Baby Boy.

It was a good first quarter of the year. It seems so far away as we approach Christmas, but I know this next year will fly by too.

What was the biggest thing to happen in your first quarter of 2013?

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  1. Been reading some of your old posts you linked up to. Love the teen/toddler one and the alien one, too funny! I think every recap I have read so far has said someone was sick.. so yea I guess it is coming and we will all be sick soon, dang.

    Thank you so much for recapping!!
    Emmy´s last blog post ..Review Extravaganza 2013: Week 1

  2. I love your wander through the beginning of the year, I have no idea what I did. I hope it was half as interesting.

  3. Oh how fun to meet a new blogger through the reviews!! 7 kiddos!! you are BRAVE. I am glad you said that about the Furby. I was asking a friend if she thought it was a good idea for my 3yr old daughter– of course its for 6+ but i will not be buying it. Saved me the $ :)
    Janette @ http://www.thejohansonjourney.com´s last blog post ..Predictions from 2012

  4. I’m like you. I really like being able to look back. Yup, we’re at the most boring months of the year :). I really don’t like January much either. Toooo bad you got sick! No fun!
    Nicole´s last blog post ..The Saturday Post {26}

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with a boring first three months! Ha! It is just so cold and yucky and school is in, so it’s boring! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My boys want to try karate. Trying to figure out if we can fit it into our schedule!

    I need, need, NEED my alone time.
    Shell´s last blog post ..I Could Use More for the Holidays #MoreIsBetter

    • I had to pull my girls out when football became all consuming and I’m still trying to fit it back into the schedule, but they seriously loved it!

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