An Hour In a Day

I am so excited to be sharing my new meme with week with Stasha! I hope you have all enjoyed making your list of 10 things you do in an hour of your day! Don’t forget to link up with me as well. It’s like a twofer!

My hour begins on Saturday evening at 4:30.

1. I got my creative cap on and made an impromptu cupcake stand.

Step 1: Take a cake stand and stick an empty glass in the center, then fill with pretty things.

Step2: Stick pretty plate on top, stick smaller glass thingy in the middle and Voile!

I was a little proud of myself.

2. Make Pizza for little man’s birthday dinner bash.

3. Freak out a little because camera stops working. I was seriously almost in tears thinking I might not get pictures of my final first birthday celebration!

4. Breathe a sigh of relief when camera begins working again and sing “It’s his party, he can cry if he wants to.”

5. Release the babe because he is all done and doesn’t care to wait for the rest of us to eat.

6. Sing Happy Birthday to my boy. Try desperately not to cry.

7. Watch baby boy perform the rite of passage of mushing cupcake absolutely everywhere.

8. Presents!

9. It’s not a big family birthday unless everyone plays with your presents.

10. Say farewell to the spousal unit as he takes off with Miss L to the instacare. Apparently, it’s not a birthday at our house without a trip to the doctor. My girl injured herself at gymnastics practice the day before and after nearly 24 hours was still hobbling and in pain. It was just a bad sprain, but she gets to wear a fancy and expensive boot for 5 days.

Whew! That was quite the hour! I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped! Next week, come back on Tuesday and link up An Hour from your day! Make a list, make it a picture post, an essay, a poem; pretty much anything that represents an hour from your day!!

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  1. Aw, sweet, happy 1st birthday baby boy!

    Came by via Stasha’s Listicles and love this idea of 1 hour in a day!

  2. Celebrating my little one’s first birthday was bittersweet knowing it was the last 1st birthday party for us. Love the pictures and the cupcake stand idea is great.
    Susi´s last blog post ..The first hour

  3. Holy cow, he’s one already?! That year flew by!!
    I’m impressed with your cupcake stand, and I’d be in tears if my camera stopped working.
    Happy Birthday to your 1 year old!!
    Runnermom-jen´s last blog post ..One Hour a Day

  4. Oh nooooo to the medical emergency, but yes to the birthday cuteness! And man you’re creative with the cake plate!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..My Ziplining Adventure at Florida EcoSafaris

  5. Happy Birthday to baby boy! Love the cake stand! Great idea.
    Bruna (@beeswithhoney)´s last blog post filter butterflies

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your fab link up with us! I will be back next week!!
    Happy Birthday to your sweetest boy. You totally rocked that cake and the cake stand! Brilliant. Also I want some pizza so bad right now!
    Stasha´s last blog post ..Monday Listicles

  7. He’s amazing! I miss him 🙂 funny enough, we have the exact same phone lol love you all

  8. Okay – seriously impressed with your cupcake stand!!! Looks like a great birthday was had…and now I must have pizza and cupcakes.
    January´s last blog post ..10 Things I do Every.Single.Morning.

  9. So sweet! Happy Birthday Baby Boy, but so sorry for the “present” of a sprain ankle for your daughter. Hope you all get some rest today. That was on of “those” hours.

    BTW, seriously impressed by your cake stand. You HAVE pinned it, right?? 🙂 Ellen
    Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms´s last blog post ..May Bloggers Dance: Cruising

  10. Happy birthday to your little man! We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday a week ago, so I feel you on being pooped! I didn’t make a cupcake stand, though – that’s a cute idea! We just piled the cupcakes on a big plate, but she still got to smear them all over her face, which is the important part. 🙂
    hollow tree ventures´s last blog post ..An Hour In A Day

  11. Great job on the cupcake stand! And Happy Birthday to your baby boy! 🙂
    Diane@BeStillaMinute´s last blog post ..The Morning Hour

  12. The cake face shots are always so much fun! I love the way he is peering into the birthday sack! Sounds like much fun ;O)
    Ducky´s last blog post ..10 Things That Happen In An Hour

  13. Awww, happy birthday sweet one! I love those 1st birthday’s and they always seem to come so fast! I love this linky, so much fun.
    Delilah´s last blog post ..Embracing my Inner Weird

  14. Happy birthday to the handsome boy! Visiting via Stasha’s listicle.
    This linky is fun! =)
    janie´s last blog post hour before bedtime.

  15. I love first birthday cake smashes! Happy first birthday to your little guy!
    Jackie´s last blog post ..Morning Wake-Up

  16. Ah, what a great idea for cupcake stand! I love this meme idea.

    Happy birthday to the sweetie pie!
    RoryBore´s last blog post ..Monday Listicles: 1 Hour Gone

  17. Wow, I’m impressed! You did so much. Happy first birthday to your boy!
    Katie E´s last blog post ..Monday Listicles: An Hour in a Day – Sunday 7:35 PM

  18. Happy Birthday to your baby boy!
    This is a neat idea and I had a good time writing my post. I liked the new challenge!
    Just Jennifer´s last blog post ..Hospital Hour

  19. I love the cake stand and sorry your daughter ended up at insta care!
    Robbie´s last blog post ..An Hour of My Day

  20. Sonora says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy! I can’t believe he is already one. I am impressed with your cupcake stand. You are so clever. Poor Miss L. At least it wasn’t stitches!!

  21. I’m impressed that you fit in a trip to the doctor’s in that hour! That was a busy hour! Loved the pics of your little guy! Happiness is squishing a cupcake then shoving it in your mouth 🙂
    Sandra´s last blog post ..My husband’s mistress?

  22. You did all that in an hour? Bionic!
    Happy first birthday to your little dude! Now I want to go find some cupcakes and pizza.
    Mama, Hear Me Roar´s last blog post ..The hour when Mother naps

  23. I remember my oldest son’s first birthday — I was taking the cake I made from scratch out to my in-laws — his grandmother’s house. It was so hot the cake slid apart. We had to stop by a supermarket and buy a sheetcake. ha. I’m sure I was traumatized but I don’t remember being too upset.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..First Thing Monday Morning. And I mean first thing.

  24. This is such a great idea! And I love the hour into his first birthday! I totally would have cried over the camera too! And then made my husband go buy another one right away!
    Audrey´s last blog post ..Monday Listicles – An Hour In My Day

  25. I love the picture under #5. Too cute!
    Yoli´s last blog post ..A typical hour…. it’s exciting to me!

  26. Happy 1st birthday. what an hour. Your cake stand is inspired and picture 7 is pricelss
    paul´s last blog post ..A Cinderfella Story

  27. That’s a pretty momentous hour! Hope your girl is OK!

  28. you’re a busy mom! happy 1st bday to your dude, he’s a dollface
    Melinda@LookWhatMomFoundandDadtoo!´s last blog post ..On to Week 2

  29. I am SO relieved you got your camera working! Thank goodness!
    PS: Both of mine cried at their 1st birthdays too. (-:
    Ado´s last blog post ..The Psychopath Test For Moms

  30. Cute cupcake stand! And Happy Birthday to your little one!
    Rach (DonutsMama)´s last blog post ..Monday Listicles: A Day in the Life

  31. First birthdays are so sweet. It is the only time that I love the cake mess.
    Diane´s last blog post ..An Hour in a Day

  32. Love the cupcake stand!!!

  33. I love this–both your post and the idea for the link-up. I was going to apologize for being late, however, this just made my day…it being Wednesday, it was perfect timing to get me over the “hump” of mid-week. Congratulations on your baby turning one! And I hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Sperk*´s last blog post ..Altered by Fire

  34. AWWW! We recently celebrated our last first birthday, too. Congrats, and I hope the boot comes off that foot really soon–we had one of those around here, too!
    Jennifer Worrell´s last blog post ..One Hour: Ten Clusters

  35. Wow! That’s quite an hour! That’s sad when it’s the last first birthday. Saying good-bye to the baby years is hard. 🙁
    Hope your daughter is feeling better!

  36. Nice job! Impressive to do all that in an hour. I love the impromptu cake stand. I’m so glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime!! I hope to see you again next Tuesday!!
    Betsy @ Romance on a Dime´s last blog post ..Weekly Grocery Deals & Frugal Recipe: Summer Berry & Plum Pudding


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