Being a kid ROCKS

Ten Reasons that being a kid ROCKS!

#1 You can stick your tongue out just because you feel like it.

#2 You can make edible crafts.

#3 You can peddle as fast as you can. All. Day. Long.

#4 You can hang from the top of the world.

#5 No obstacle is too great and the world is full of possibilities.

#6 You can scream for no good reason.

#7 Life is as simple as poking snow with a stick.

#8 “Strike a pose” just means being cute for the camera.

#9 Spinning in circles until you want to puke is considered a fun activity.

#10 Love is as simple as sitting together all in a row.

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  1. Beautiful photos Stacey!! I till stick my tongue out and scream for no good reason. But I know better then to spin on those things ­čÖé
    Stasha┬┤s last blog post ..Monday Listicles

  2. I have sticking out tongue on my list too! ­čÖé Pretty model you have for “strike a pose”. Number 10 is my favorite, for a simple picture, it speak volumes of love to me. Thanks for sharing!
    ava┬┤s last blog post ..10 Reasons Being A Kid Rocks

  3. Love the photos of the kids.. being a kid really’s great that your kids get to enjoy themselves..can see they love being themselves.
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk┬┤s last blog post ..Meet Me on Monday- Back to School Edition

  4. Oh Stacey, those photos…especially that last one, swoon! Love that list too!
    Jackie┬┤s last blog post ..Socially Acceptable Norms

  5. I love the list and I especially love that last photo. It is so sweet. Being a kid does Rock! ­čÖé

  6. oh wow, that last photo is DARLING and i could so see it blown up and over a couch.
    christina┬┤s last blog post ..on being aToddler: the Listicle

  7. Hanging from the top of the world… that just about sums it up!
    Moomser┬┤s last blog post ..Oh, to be a child again – Monday Listicles

  8. Screaming for no good reason? I AM ALL OVER THAT!
    Robbie┬┤s last blog post ..Saturday Seven: Road Trip Edition

  9. The last pic tugged on my heart, but the one about sticking your tongue out made me giggle. Great list. Erin

  10. That last photo is lovely, but the screaming one is right on.
    C @ Kid Things┬┤s last blog post ..Because He Told Me To

  11. I LOVE that last picture!! Great list…all so true ­čÖé
    Runnermom-jen┬┤s last blog post ..Monday Listicles…Spring Edition

  12. Awwww I LOVE that last picture!!!
    Twisted Domestic Goddess┬┤s last blog post ..Why My Kids Rock

  13. I love all the pictures, but the last picture is definitely my favorite!
    Audrey┬┤s last blog post ..Monday Listicles – Why being 2 is awesome

  14. They are so adorable Stacey. This reminds me of our out in the park days with my own children. I’d be sliding the slides with them and even swinging on the swings. Miss those days but really don’t want to go through them again. LOL. Time is precious with our little ones. Beautiful photos.
    Sela toki┬┤s last blog post ..That LOOK

  15. Your list is the best. The pictures are priceless. You certainly captured the best things about being a kid.

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