Miscellaneous Musings


Good Monday Morning. We are still on Spring break and I happily slept in until the horde woke me up at 8 a.m. That doesn't happen too often, that sleeping in thing. So I enjoyed it and lounged in bed until a few moments ago. I think perhaps that I have spring fever because I am now officially ready … [Continue reading]

Princesses and sunshine


"Hey Mom. Are you going to have a blogfest now?" Mr. M asks me upon our return home. "What do you mean?" I ask, while attempting to washallthelaundry. "Well, we were gone for a whole week. You probably have LOTS of things to blog about now!!" The boy knows me too well. Breakfast … [Continue reading]

Things I can’t say

I am so excited to be guest posting over at Things I can't say today. I have been Pouring my heart out for a while now and I am beyond thrilled to be … [Continue reading]

Remembering…the best April Fool’s trick EVER

One year ago today. It was epic. It will go down in the annals of time as the best April Fools trick I ever played. There is nothing like … [Continue reading]

Life happens


Sniffles turned ear infection. Pink eye. Better, but not quite. Now Mom is sick. Voice lost. "Mom, why are you talking … [Continue reading]

Gettin’ healthy


I have been making some major changes in our diet over the last couple of months and I am loving how I feel. My stomach doesn't hurt and I have a lot … [Continue reading]


Some things never change, but some things do, especially when you go from no kids to 7 kids in 12 years. Just yesterday, I realized that I am now able … [Continue reading]

Mr. Independent

Little man

"NO! I DO IT!" Little Man's screams can be heard throughout the house multiple times a day. He is in that in-between. That place where his little … [Continue reading]

Important thoughts

1. Upon beginning to pamper yourself in the form of a haircut and color, expect to receive a call regarding a child needing stitches. Six to be exact. … [Continue reading]

Going for gold


"Your son can't play on our team. There's no place for him here." "What do you mean he can't play? The season has already started." "I'm sorry, … [Continue reading]

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