Princesses and sunshine


"Hey Mom. Are you going to have a blogfest now?" Mr. M asks me upon our return home. "What do you mean?" I ask, while attempting to washallthelaundry. "Well, we were gone for a whole week. You probably have LOTS of things to blog about now!!" The boy knows me too well. Breakfast … [Continue reading]

Things I can’t say

I am so excited to be guest posting over at Things I can't say today. I have been Pouring my heart out for a while now and I am beyond thrilled to be talking about "just" being a Mom. How do you answer that age old question of "What do you do?" Well, you can stop being "just" a Mom, because … [Continue reading]

Remembering…the best April Fool’s trick EVER

One year ago today. It was epic. It will go down in the annals of time as the best April Fools trick I ever played. There is nothing like … [Continue reading]

Life happens


Sniffles turned ear infection. Pink eye. Better, but not quite. Now Mom is sick. Voice lost. "Mom, why are you talking … [Continue reading]

Gettin’ healthy


I have been making some major changes in our diet over the last couple of months and I am loving how I feel. My stomach doesn't hurt and I have a lot … [Continue reading]


Some things never change, but some things do, especially when you go from no kids to 7 kids in 12 years. Just yesterday, I realized that I am now able … [Continue reading]

Mr. Independent

Little man

"NO! I DO IT!" Little Man's screams can be heard throughout the house multiple times a day. He is in that in-between. That place where his little … [Continue reading]

Important thoughts

1. Upon beginning to pamper yourself in the form of a haircut and color, expect to receive a call regarding a child needing stitches. Six to be exact. … [Continue reading]

Going for gold


"Your son can't play on our team. There's no place for him here." "What do you mean he can't play? The season has already started." "I'm sorry, … [Continue reading]

How to refinish your kitchen table


My kitchen table has been an embarrassment for close to ten years. It was an eye sore. Sure, it was kid friendly, but having other people eat on it, … [Continue reading]

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