Prepared for rejection


Something totally cool happened last week. I was published in my local newspaper's online family section. It was something I thought about doing for a long time, submitting an article. But I never "got around to it", which is code for "I didn't think I could do it." But here's something … [Continue reading]

The lazy days of summer


Toys are scattered. Children wearing whatever seems to fall out of their closet. Mismatched. It doesn't matter. Crazy makeup applied to tiny faces. Sandals strewn about. Doors left open. Flies buzzing. Popsicles and slip n' slides. Sprinklers and pools. No alarm clock. No … [Continue reading]


I tip-toe through the dark hallway, avoiding toys and legos like the Ninja warrior I am. I walk into their room and see them snuggled together on … [Continue reading]

Creative Summer Date Ideas

pork and corn bbq

Today, I am excited to have a guest blogger on Stacey's Mothering Moments. Welcome Blake Daniels! Blake Daniels is a native to Upstate NY where he … [Continue reading]

Contemplatives of a distance runner


Mile 1: Man. Running rocks. I feel better already. I could run forEVER. I should totally sign up for a marathon. I could totally run one. I … [Continue reading]

A new direction…


Change. It's something I'm not very good at, but something that is often required. I have been writing this blog for 6 1/2 years. I am very … [Continue reading]

In charge

There is some discussion in the house as to who is the "boss of all". Me or Dad. The answer is fairly evident, in my honest, but humble opinion. But … [Continue reading]

Moments in time


There are moments in time, like a snapshot of life, that impale themselves on my memory. Moments that make me sit back in awe at these people that I … [Continue reading]

All the stuff

I like to think of my life in terms of episodes in a sitcom. Not because they are "Haha" funny, but because they are "that's so sad it's funny" funny. … [Continue reading]

Dear Little Man,


Today is your 3rd birthday. It takes my breath away when I realize how quickly you have grown. Your quick entry into this world seems to be the … [Continue reading]

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