Would you rather?


My life is like a giant game of would you rather. Because my time is limited and because I get tired of doing the same things day after day, I often pick and choose what I do in a day. I've learned that it will all still be there tomorrow. Wanna play? Would you rather wash the dishes OR mop … [Continue reading]

On Christmas trees and chaos


"Sit forward and stop kicking your sister in the head." This, after a long morning of late-sleeping teens, breakfast and getting 5 out of 7 children out the door by 8:10 a.m. "Mom! He won't stop kicking me!" "Little man, knock it off or you will sit in time out." Little Man smirks at me, … [Continue reading]

If you see my groove, will you kindly return it?

I'm not gonna lie. This time of year is always a struggle for me. All of the crap I do every day seems daunting somehow. Unappealing. Unenticing. … [Continue reading]

Important observations


1. My children are loud. 2. Having a teenage son is never boring. Especially when one's son feels the need to always be in some sort of a cast. The … [Continue reading]



I don't believe in making resolutions. I've spent too many years at the gym mocking the new comers and then cursing them for taking up my treadmills … [Continue reading]

Our white Christmas


Someone asked me this year why we start Christmas shopping in June. I thought the answer was obvious. 7 kids. Their demands. The cost. Christmas is … [Continue reading]

Santa Baby


"Mom, can we get an elf on the shelf?" "Nope." "But why not? I WANT one!" After days of begging and pleading, my patience wore thin. "I'm … [Continue reading]


The keyboard under my fingers feels foreign, yet familiar. I've neglected this part of my life for far too long, the yearning to come back to center … [Continue reading]



I grumbled as I made my way to my van in the early hours. The ground beneath my feet was frozen and the windshield would require scraping. "I'm not … [Continue reading]

Monday morning

I stumble into the kitchen and the smell of burnt cookies assaults my nose. I am brought back to the reality of the mess I face much too quickly for … [Continue reading]

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