10 Things I’ll do with all my kids in school


Today is a red letter day. I have waited for this for 15 years. It doesn't mean I don't love my children or enjoy spending time with them, it just means that I've accomplished something. I have survived getting 7 children into school. 7 It's a lot of kids and it takes a while for … [Continue reading]

She’s having a day

It started the night before, so at least I was prepared. "I don't want to go to school tomorrow!" she whined. "Why not?" I asked. "Because I don't like waking up so early," she proclaimed. This isn't the first time getting Miss O up in the morning has been a problem. She's a 7 year-old … [Continue reading]



There comes a point at which it is time to give up. Give in. Whatever. Hours before the longest run thus far in my life, I find myself restless. … [Continue reading]

The calm before

Fuzzy heads greet me each morning asking for breakfast. Children trickle into the kitchen. 8, 9, or 10 a.m. Sunshine floods the living … [Continue reading]

Miscellaneous items


Miss L: Mom, can I have an I-C-Y P-O-P? The spelling was necessary as the ultimate connoisseur of icy pops was seated on my lap. Me: Sure, … [Continue reading]

Tales from the Deep Down


"I gots a go pee, Mama." Our adventure began last Friday, and after what seemed like hours, we finally found a camping spot. Unbeknownst to us, it … [Continue reading]

Prepared for rejection


Something totally cool happened last week. I was published in my local newspaper's online family section. It was something I thought about … [Continue reading]

The lazy days of summer


Toys are scattered. Children wearing whatever seems to fall out of their closet. Mismatched. It doesn't matter. Crazy makeup applied to tiny … [Continue reading]


I tip-toe through the dark hallway, avoiding toys and legos like the Ninja warrior I am. I walk into their room and see them snuggled together on … [Continue reading]

Creative Summer Date Ideas

pork and corn bbq

Today, I am excited to have a guest blogger on Stacey's Mothering Moments. Welcome Blake Daniels! Blake Daniels is a native to Upstate NY where he … [Continue reading]

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